If you are a student or an educated unemployed, a teacher, a doctor, a banker, a public or non-governmental officer or any professional; If you intend to keep yourself and your family healthy through life’s lifelong lifespan and want to earn extra income, then Forever Living Products will be a great platform for you.

The word business is one of our favorite words. Because through it we can turn our life’s desires into reality. However, if you are successful in business, you can reach the peak of desired success only if you overcome many obstacles. Since the path to success in business is connected to thorns, it takes a lot of hard mental energy to get there. And we get this mental energy from our dreams and desires.

When you think of a simple question, you will see your dreams. The question is, if you didn’t have to earn a living, which means you had a wealth of resources, what would you do first? Whatever your answer, if you close your eyes for a moment to think that your dream has been successful, you will find that the chest is filled with a deep calm. And we can overcome thousands of difficult obstacles to reach this state. Whatever you do, keep in mind your request.

Before starting any business you should know how many things are clear. As the first thing you need to know is why you work hard to do this business. Luckily you already knew that a little earlier.

You need to know which company you work with. Now let’s talk a little about that. The Forever Living Products Company began its journey from Arizona to the United States in T1. Beginning with the use of aloe vera or aloe vera juice in human health care, today it produces about 5+ different products and supplies it to 5+ countries of the world.

How can the proper ethical use of network marketing or direct selling marketing methods give an opportunity to change the destiny of the lower levels of society. Realizing that the founder of the company, Rex Maun, started marketing the product in that manner, and after almost three years, the company has continued to do so.

The company has no debt and has over $ 1 billion in assets and cash. That means that the company is unlikely to go bankrupt. It also means that those of us who work with this company will not be able to afford this company and it will be impossible to break even. This company is owned by a person so no bank or shareholder has to be held accountable. The company spends research on product quality improvement and new product research, so the company spends no money on it.

Because of that, we get better products. Members of the management board of the company have been with the company since its inception, so they know how to make the business bigger by creating new products to meet the needs of the people.

You need to know if the products you work with are in great demand and will remain in the future. Let’s talk about that. Forever Living Product Company manufactures consumables, health enhancers and cosmetic products using natural raw materials.

Examples: – Soap, shampoo, lotion, lipstick, face powder, cream of the face and face, every kind of vitamin, mineral, supplement food etc. Think for yourself if the demand for these products is ever expected to decline. Because of our products being more desirable than any other company in the market, no chemicals or chemicals are harmful to our products.

Even if the cost of preparing to use natural ingredients is high, the company does not compromise. Over the past fifty years, thousands of chemicals have been used in life, suffering from thousands of diseases, and people around the world are turning away from chemicals today. As a result, the demand for our products is increasing. Another aspect of our products is that they end up using these products. That is why the same customer returns again and again for the same product, which means that the demand is increasing day by day.

You need to be sure about the quality of the product. The most effective way to be sure of this is to use the product yourself. In addition, the certificates of various companies who judge the quality of such products cannot be ascertained from the quality of the product.

But if the company guarantees satisfaction on the product then it is most reliable. The Forever Living Product Company is so confident in the quality of our products that retailers offer a 3-day money back guarantee. That is, if someone uses a product to buy from you, and returns any empty bottle or packet within 5 days, he or she will get a full refund.

Complete Money-Back Guarantee

Bangladesh Residents

After ordering the purchase of any product from SHODONG, or after the product is delivered to you, you can cancel or return it.
Cancellation of the purchase order of the product or if you want to return the product, it must be completed within ten (10) business days after ordering the product.
If the product is already in your hand, it must be returned in advance.
Also, if you are not fully or partial satisfied with the partial or complete use of the product by purchasing a product from SHODONG, you must send the form below within thirty (30) business days of ordering the product to receive the full refund of the purchase price.
Also, the used / unused / partially used product packets / bottles / foil / box of the product sold from SHODONG and the money receipt provided by SHODONG should be returned.

Just think for a minute, if the product was not good, this company could not survive such a global spread for 3 years?

You have to understand very well whether this business method can pave the way for you to earn. This is the most important because it will allow you to earn a living that will open the way to your dream life.

A business that cannot see such revenue does not have the money to waste time doing business? We can expect this business to earn a living that opens the door to a dream life because the company, Forever Living Products, ethically conducts network marketing based marketing. This method is used for marketing without spending billions, but rather for customers who are happy to use a company’s products. Like watching a movie or reading a book, we naturally tell our friends about that movie or book. As a result, many people may go to the movie or buy a book. That means the business of the movie producer or bookseller has grown because of your words. But do they give you a share of the profits from this greater business? Don’t give a damn. But the company that does business in a fair network marketing way because of your words, they will give you a share of the profits from that extra business. Notice that I am using the word agreed. The reason is that if a company uses this method unfairly, it can do a lot of harm to many people. Many of you have heard the name of pyramid smie where the only person who can register on a team for money without selling any product directly is the leader of the team who gets a lot of money. Recently I saw through Facebook that a cycle in Bangladesh is doing this. You will find that members of this cycle who are members with hundreds or thousands of membership fees, will ask you to become a member again and again in the same way.

 Since such schemes are legally forbidden, they have since named a product based business. I saw someone who was a member of a cycle who encouraged him to pay a fee for selling a garment shop. But then instead of trying to sell the garments, they are just asking them to register new members. They are also marketing the network, but for wrongfully deceiving people.

 No one has to pay for getting membership in a Forever Living product company. That means membership is free. And depending on who bought the product, he was given a decent discount. For example, if you go to a store and buy five products instead of one, the shopkeeper, like the shopkeeper, keeps the price a little lower than you. No, actually more.

 How about Once you get up to a level at a wholesale price, it is not possible to go down anytime soon. But if you rise to a higher level by getting promoted, your depreciation level will increase.

See the following example:- Imagine a guy named Debit. Fill out the form to become a member of Forever Living Products Company to build the future of debit payments. On the first day bought various products of Tk. At the same time, Debit acquired the membership of the company for the rest of his life, thus deducting a 1% price discount on the retail price of those products. He used some of the product himself and sold the rest of the product to a few people and got 5% profit.

Using the product, he kept telling everyone about the product. Many of them wanted to buy this product from him. Debit took all the orders and bought the products and kept 5% profit for himself. Even if the rest of LifeDebate does not buy any more money products, he will still have this membership and a 3% discount.


Forward Living Products Company has a CC Credit Price based on the price of each product. The higher the price of the product, the higher the CC value. The weight of any product such as in all the countries of the world, the CC of our products and the same in any country of the world. This single forwarder is used to measure the promotion of entrepreneurs.


The company has added the CC value of the product to its account that Debit is buying. Although the company uses the total total CC for two consecutive months for promotion, if anyone has already made the necessary CC for promotion, he is promoted from that point onwards. Debit has already made 2 CC for first promotion or promotion in 6 months and immediately, he has been appointed as Assistant Supervisor in the marketing plan of the company And its price discount went up to 5%. That means buying a product with 3 rupees debit and selling 5 rupees and earning 5 rupees. But this is not the end here. Being an Assistant Supervisor, he was now allowed to appoint a member of his own to sell the product under him. And with great enthusiasm, Debit went down to form his team.


Debit’s friend Joy. Debit told Joy about the business and how he started his own business by buying part-time products without the need for a shop or an employee, and started his own business, he tells Joy. Upon hearing this, Joy thought that he too could build a business for himself. So he went to Debit and bought the company’s product and went for a 5% discount and started working with Debit.


This is even better, because our company pays you as a bonus the difference between your and your team member’s value. Because of that, debit earnings increased. Since Joy is eligible for 5% and Debit is eligible for 5%, if Jyoti buys products for 5 rupees, the company pays a bonus of Tk 20. This time, Debit subscribes by convincing another 1/4. His bonus gets bigger and continues to do so.


On the other hand, the business has begun to grow, and within 6 months, the Tea and Assistant Supervisor gets promotion. In this case the debit or win is at the same level as there is no bonus debit from Joy’s business. But Joy continued to join as the CC of the debit team he had traded. When the combined team of the two-team combined to become 20 cc, Jibit again got the promotion and became the supervisor.


Now the debit’s value is discounted to 5%, and immediately he starts getting a 5% bonus on Jung and his team’s combined CC. Also, there are bonuses and other retail sales from other members of the business. Now Debit realizes the true secret of this business, and by making more people a member of his team, he creates a way for them to do business and helps other members of his team (like Joy) do more business. That is to say, his team’s combined CC of two consecutive months becomes 1 CC.


Debt is again Assistant Manager after getting a promotion and his discount rate goes up to 5%. As a result, Rav started to grow a lot from his personal retail business, and his monthly salary exceeded Tk 5,000 after receiving a bonus on the price of CC for various of his team.


He started to work more and more with encouragement. Selling more people, telling more people about business, making more members, etc. As a result, he became his own and the team’s combined CC the following month. The manager gets a debit promotion and his discount rate goes up to a maximum of 5%. Reading / Listening / Working part-time When a debit starts to earn 1 / 3rd of a month, it suddenly feels like the door to a dream life is starting to open.


In this example, instead of debiting your name, you can get the key to your dream life by doing just that. When you become a manager working with this company, the company will take you abroad at your own expense. Staying at a five star hotel, even if you eat, will even cost you a handy company.

After this, more and more promotions are available, and Naiba heard about them today. Otherwise you may not be able to sleep at night. Understand this very well when you work with me, I’ll explain. If you hear that things are as straight as water, then again, we cannot say that our business cannot be done without working hard. If you are not obliged to work and learn from the leg, then I am looking for people like you and my company, Forever Living Products.

Now, think about being a member of my team, working part-time in the shadow of a Forever Living Products company, or opening a way for you to earn a living?

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