FAB Forever Active Boost® Energy Drink

FAB Forever Active Boost® Energy Drink

৳ 311.00

FAB Forever Active Boost®

Made in USA

Buy FAB Forever Active Boost Energy Drink available at the online best price in Bangladesh from shodong.com. FAB’s boost is different from other energy drinks because it gives you both immediate and long term energy. The immediate boost comes from guarana, while the long term energy is powered by ADX7 technology.

The endurance, concentration, energy, and vitamins you’ll get from FAB will revitalize you and help boost your productivity without the sugar and calories. Everyone needs an occasional energy boost, and FAB provides a healthy alternative you can enjoy with confidence.

Key features

  • No calories, no carbs & no sugars
  • Quick energy boost, without the long term crash
  • Powered by a proprietary blend of adaptogenic herbs

Get the boost you need to power through the day with Forever FAB Active Boost®. Guarana provides a fast pick-me-up to get you back in the game while Forever’s proprietary ADX7® technology provides long-lasting energy.

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